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Research & Case Studies

Political & Economic Development Research

8The political Economy of Land Reforms in South Africa and Zimbabwe: A Comparative Study

8Economic Development in Japan since 1945

8Joint Ventures between European and Nigerian Companies


Issues Oriented Research

8Nigeria- The Mirror of a Nation

8Politics, Prosperity & the African Women in the 21st Century

8Agricultural and Rural Development in Africa. A case Study of Lagos.

8Regionalism, the Case of European Union – A pipe dream or a Reality.

8Nigeria and Leadership failures.

8Apartheid and Economic development in South Africa.

8Political and Economic Upheaval in Zimbabwe.

8Comparative Economic Analysis: Ghana, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

8Organization of African Unity: Its Roles in Conflict Management.

8United Nations and Conflict Resolution in South Africa.


Summits Participation

8Nigerian House of Representatives Business Dialogue Series (Finance), Abuja, Nigeria, 2009.

8National Assembly Joint Conference on Constitutional Review in Nigeria, Minna, Nigeria, 2009.

8Stakeholders Conference on Infrastructural Development in Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria, 2008.

8International Investment Advisory Summit on Africa, Prince George’s County, Maryland, USA, 2008.

8Economic Summit on Africa by the Corporate Council on Africa, Baltimore, Maryland, USA 2005.

8Summit on Nigeria’s Agricultural Development, State House, Abuja, Nigeria, 2005.

8State Delegate of Maryland Business Delegation to South Africa, Johannesburg Pretoria and Cape Town, South Africa, 2004.

8State Delegate of Maryland Business Delegation to Ghana, Accra, Ghana, 2004.

8African Union in Diaspora, First Western Hemisphere Summit, Washington, D.C. USA, 2002.

8The New Partnership For Africa’s Development (NEPAD) 2001

8African Growth and Opportunity Act Forum, 2000

8World Bank African Club. Economic and Developmental Summit, Washington, D.C., USA, 2000

8Nigeria in Diaspora Organization Summit, Atlanta Georgia, USA, 2000.

8Stake-holders Meeting on Land Reform in Zimbabwe, USA, 1999.

8First African American Summit, Washington, D.C. USA, 1998.


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