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People’s Democratic Party(PDP), Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Advice the Party and the Chairman on identified task areas, Party priorities, on immediate short-term goals as to ascertain successful and creditable elections. Also advices on ensuring credibility of the candidates, the quality of the candidates that will participate in the elections, on publicity and strategic political development, Party culture and enhancements of building effective grassroots teams for the Party. Analyze reports from the committees selected for specific duties, write speeches, represent the chairman and the Party at political and social events, do special write-up on behalf of the political Party and chairman, enhance political development within the Party by writing strategic position papers on campaign tactics, strategies and management, economic blue prints for the Party, the goals of budgeting and economic development proposal for Lagos State, etc. Also, administrate the organization’s secretariat and staff.


Queensway Food, LLC., Riverdale, Maryland, USA

Responsible for the interrelationship of the policy making process and the strategic design of the company. Develop overall guiding company policy, formulate the character, culture and image of the enterprise. Determine the basic niche in the marketplace in terms of economic goods and services, and allocates skill and resources to specific objectives. Also, develops action strategies, which the company executed in the marketplace, through coordination of product flow with market demand. Develop functional strategies in finance, production and marketing. Coordinates organizational design and structure to affect root and operational strategies; interprets results from informational systems to effect controls; and also implements the changes and refinements that are necessary in strategic design. Attend conventions and business conferences, including the Bretton Woods institutions.


Howard University, Washington, D.C., USA

Lectured undergraduate students on United States National Government, Political Theory and African issues. The course work emphasized analytical understanding and critical thinking on the foundations of American democracy – the constitution, federalism; institutions of American democracy – congress, the Presidency, the Judiciary, the bureaucracy; process of American democracy – public opinion, political parties, participation, voting and elections, interest groups, the media; liberties and rights in American democracy – public policy: regulation and social welfare, economic policy and foreign policy.


Howard University, Washington, D.C., USA

Conducted field research, researched and evaluated pertinent information for scholarly studies, worked on issues in the areas of Political Economy, United States National Government, Public Policy, Development Administration, and Comparative Budgetary Analysis.


Chicago Housing Authority, Chicago, Illinois, USA

In the section 8 programs, managed over 58 staff members ranging from housing specialists, income review specialists, intake specialists to housing inspectors in the occupancy and intake / registration departments. Also, was responsible for budgetary controls, staff training, portability section, relocation projects, and the community development programs. Assisted in the development of department’s comprehensive budget, reviewed approved spending plans to enable goals and objectives of the Housing Authority, maintains a smoothly functioning department that meets and can demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards, cross-train departments personnel in all products and services and assure products and services are promoted by all department personnel based on customer needs. Attend community events to promote Housing Authority.




The Kay Corporation, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Represented firm in international business consultations on export and import activities, and coordinated marketing prospects for the firm in West Africa, South Africa, East Asia, and Western Europe. Conducts multifaceted and complex programs, managed, coordinated, and supervised corporate activities progress against established goals. Involved in people decision-making, projects and policy developments, implementation, evaluation, monitored review activities, and liaison between clients, staff and government officials. Ensure compliance to established security policies and procedures. Conduct security briefings and oversee maintenance of equipment.


Alajobi Rehabilitation Inc., Chicago, Illinois, USA

Coordinated business and economic development analysis, budgetary controls, and personnel management. Maintained data used in project development, execution and evaluation. Provided short and long term budgets and other systems of internal control related to monitoring financial expenditures and revenues. Attain and maintain knowledge of the company’s financial activity monthly and maintain contacts with other financial institutions. Recruit, schedule, train, supervise and evaluate department personnel, conducts timely evaluations and recommends personnel actions to management. 


Sunrise Management, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Supervised the day-to-day activities of 175 units rental property. Performed management and maintenance services. Negotiated and enforced lease agreements, collected rents, and recertify residents’ incomes. Ensures smooth and peaceful interaction between residents and staff. Ensures prompt resolution of residents account discrepancies in the firm.


Federal Ministry of Education, Lagos, Nigeria

Processed business contracts, employees’ salaries and wages, coordinated payments to district colleges, assisted with the end of year financial statements. Represent the ministry in a courteous, professional manner. Provide prompt, efficient and accurate service by processing transactions for clients, attained and maintained specialized knowledge of the ministry and services that it renders in order to effectively guide subordinates and to provide relevant information to better enhance the understanding of staff teachers, parents and students.



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